About us

ATDD VietNam LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY with a wealth of experience in the field of smart device supply. With a team of highly qualified professionals to bring you the best service.

As a unit specializing in providing information technology equipment - smart devices in all fields: construction, education, healthcare, stationery, transportation...

Practical application to help individuals, businesses operate and manage efficiently, quickly and in a timely manner. Improve the quality of services and products.

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Surveillance camera - CCTV We construct and install cameras - CCTV according to demand. Provide solutions for: Surveillance cameras, tracking, warning, face recognition, body temperature, ... View more
Access control Access control - Access control is an indispensable system in buildings, offices, companies, factories... Easily manage and control security order in the deployment area. View more
Controlling Controlling system - Controlling is an indispensable system in the process of innovating the way of operation and bringing modern technology solutions into the living and production environment... View more
Computer network ATDD Vietnam is a leading unit in the computer network industry, with experts with extensive experience to provide the best solutions for customers. View more
Call center Call center - Call center is the best solution in improving service quality and enhancing the interoperability of the unit during service deployment. View more
Smart building We are a unit with a lot of experience in the field of construction, installation, consulting smart device solutions, will bring the best experience to you. View more
Some typical partners of ATDD VietNam
Bkav GeoVision Hikvision Kbvision Vantech Honywell Panasonic Daikin Schneider Schneider